Building networks and know-how.

Western Canada is ready for innovative co-operative business solutions unique to the changing needs of rural and Indigenous communities.

The creation of a new co-operative business requires business capacity, social/market capacity, a well-defined need not being met and awareness of the co-operative business model.

Our Build product is a work in progress, but will include tools and training that supports and increases business, community and economic development professionals understanding of the co-operative business model. 

How we can help:

Here are a few ways we can help with tools, training and group meeting facilitation:

•    Co-operative business model basic training
•    Access to print and online training, facilitation, development and legal tools and supplies
•    Capacity and expertise
•    Facilitated meetings
•    Support for logistics and knowledge management
•    Mediation of differing opinions
•    Pathfinding between ideas and communities
•    Exploration and innovation for community-led ideas and solutions
•    A deep knowledge of business, community and economic development
•    An even deeper knowledge of the co-operative business model
•    A network of specialists, financing partners and business, community and economic development professionals

Co-operatives First is a privately funded entity. We do not charge for our services and will do our best to limit any foreseen group or community costs related to our participation.