Opportunities are often hidden in plain sight or disguised as deficits. Capturing an opportunity requires inspiration, recognition, innovation and the courage to see things a bit differently. The Creating Connections workshop is designed to help community leaders and economic development professionals recognize and capture these opportunities.

About the workshop

Creating Connections: A Workshop on Exploring Co-operatives is designed for economic development, business, and community leaders interested in how the co-operative business model can be used to capture opportunities in their communities.

By examining the business model from a practitioners perspective and working on real-life applications, participants gain a better understanding of the process of working with groups interested in co-ops.

What the workshop covers

During the workshop community and business leaders gather practical insight into how to explore co-operative business opportunities and work with groups interested in structuring their business as a co-operative.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the business model, explore real-life case studies as a group and leave with a clear understanding of where the model might fit as a problem-solving tool for the communities they work in.

This workshop is for you if…

You want to help build better and more businesses in your community.

You want to capitalize on local opportunities for business, economic and community development in your community.

You want to explore a different, and sometimes better, way of doing business.

Who should use this workshop

Economic developers that want to support business and community development in their communities.

Elected officials that want to connect their community with new opportunities.

Business consultants with diverse clients and projects.

Business leaders that want to enhance their local business environment or create capacity-building partnerships.

Community leaders (all of the above and more) that want to grow their communities and develop new businesses.

What you can learn from the workshop

  • Ins and outs of the co-op model (shareholder structure, legal parameters, financial options, tax treatment, etc.)
  • High-level and noinky details of the business model
  • A better understanding of the existing co-ops at work in your community
  • Insight into the co-op sector in your region and Canada
  • Better understanding of the different types of co-operatives
  • Engagement with different applications of co-operatives and their impacts on local markets and communities
  • An overview of the steps taken to develop a co-operative
  • A better understanding of how co-ops are different than other business models

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