Exploring an opportunity.

Western Canada is ready for innovative co-operative business solutions unique to the changing needs of rural and Indigenous communities.

The creation of a new co-operative business requires business capacity, social/market capacity, a well-defined need not being met and awareness of the co-operative business model.

Our Explore meetings are designed to help define the need that’s been identified by the group or community. These meetings also provide an overview of the versatility of the co-operative business model and pathways to further stakeholders, specialists, similar stories and research.

What we offer:

•    Facilitated meeting
•    Support for logistics and knowledge management
•    Mediation of differing opinions
•    Pathfinding between ideas and communities
•    Exploration and innovation for community-led ideas and solutions
•    A deep knowledge of business, community and economic development
•    An even deeper knowledge of the co-operative business model
•    A report on the event, outcomes and next steps

Co-operatives First is a privately funded entity. We do not charge for our services and will do our best to limit any foreseen group or community costs related to our participation.