Partnership Opportunity


Thank you for reaching out to us. A co-operative is a business and requires the same level of energy, skill and commitment as any other business, and starting, developing and growing a business can be complicated, confusing and frustrating. But we’re here to assist with that process.

Co-operatives First has the supports, resources and experience to help groups decide if they should become entrepreneurs, and we have the networks and connections to support group entrepreneurs working hard to build their existing businesses.

Our free services

  • Ongoing support from a Community Engagement Coordinator who can guide you through the process of starting, developing and growing a co-operative business.
  • A report tailored to your community offering direction on your business path.
  • Facilitated meetings that help you identify goals, legal structure, financial options and required support.
  • Training on the co-operative business model that will improve understanding and awareness of important processes and policies.
  • Mentorship from existing co-operative businesses that can share their experience and knowledge.
  • Access to technical experts that can help you develop and operationalize your business.

Beyond the above supports, tools and resources, we also provide small grants for business development supports, such as feasibility studies, professional business development support, legal support and similar start up support fees. If you feel we can help, please fill out and submit the form below.